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Grass Fed Beef Recipes

Why our beef?

Perfection takes time and diligence, and our cattle are processed at peak condition after being grass finished.  Not only is Grass Fed Beef delicious because it is full flavored and consistent in texture, it also supports a healthier lifestyle as it contains the right balance of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids as well as linoleic acid (CLA).

The flavor and nutrition profile for our beef comes from our cattle’s 100% grass diet from start to finish.  You can purchase from us with confidence knowing that our meat was proudly and responsibly raised by our family from start to finish.

Our cattle are all locally family owned and raised on our farm in El Campo, TX. We strive to produce a delicious, healthy, high quality source of certified grass fed beef with complete transparency from pasture to plate so you know exactly where your food comes from and how it was raised. 

All of our cattle are Angus influence, which means you'll be getting a high quality cut of beef. Each steer is raised according to the American Grassfed Association's standards - never given hormones or antibiotics, raised on grass and grass finished. After processing, our meat is dry aged for 14 days for maximum flavor and tenderness before being processed into individual cuts that are vacuum sealed and frozen.

We offer individual cuts, bundle packs, beef box, and wholesale priced beef shares. Our beef shares are our most popular option as they provide the most bang for your buck on a wide variety of cuts and a huge discount on our extremely popular steaks. We have quarters ready to go in stock most of the time and can custom order a quarter or a half for you with specific thickness and sizes of the meat cuts - this has approximately a 3-4 week turnaround time from order to delivery. 

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About Us

About us

What do we sell?

Our family raises certified grass fed cattle in South Texas. They are on our farm from start to finish and we are a true farm to table - pasture to plate operation. When you buy from our family, you will know exactly where your beef came from and that it was ethically raised by American ranchers.

The primary products we sell are quarter, half or whole beef shares. In addition we offer a variety of themed "Beef Box" packages if you aren't quite ready to commit to the larger beef share amounts just yet.

We do offer some items for individual purchase such as our roasts, ground beef, briskets, and burgers. We also sell our ever popular grass fed beef bones and delicacy items including liver by special request pre-order only because of the popularity. All of our steaks can be purchased in our Beef Box options, or secured in our quarter, half or whole share orders.

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