Welcome to 410 Farms

The primary operation at 410 Farms is Green Acres Grass Fed Beef – which is a true farm to table program where we raise high quality certified grass fed angus beef that we sell direct to consumer both online through our website and at farmers markets.

 410 Farms a family farm operation in South Texas. Between Ben and Jessica, farming and ranching runs four generations deep in their families, and after years of working salaried jobs in the big city, they felt the call to come back to their roots and get back into agriculture. 

Individual cuts, bundle packs, and larger “beef share” wholesale orders are all available for purchase with both shipping and home delivery available, as the Rumbaugh’s strive to provide the absolute best in customer service every day.

In addition to Green Acres Grass Fed Beef, 410 Farms is the home of many various farming operations including hay and organic rice. Ben and Jessica are constantly reevaluating their program along with the markets to determine what the best long term most viable options will be to support their family. Jessica also manages a residential and farm and ranch real estate business.


“Our greatest goal of this page is to provide an insight into our lives and to educate the consumer. Social media has created a divide between the farmer and rancher versus the average consumer, and many posts have allowed producers to be vilified with scare tactics like antibiotics and GMOs. We hope to provide a friendly environment where you can ask questions and get honest candid answers.”  – Ben & Jessica Rumbaugh

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