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About 410 Farms - Green Acres Grass Fed Beef

The 4X brand proudly represents our farm and ranch - 410 Farms located south of Houston in El Campo, TX. While we raise some crops including rice and specialty hay for our cattle, our primary program is Green Acres Grass Fed Beef, an American Grassfed Association certified grass fed Angus influenced cattle operation. Green Acres provides both individual cuts direct to consumer as well as larger wholesale "beef share" orders while delivering in parts of Texas and Louisiana and shipping nationwide.

Perfection takes time and diligence, and our cattle are processed at peak condition after being grass finished.  Not only is Grass Fed Beef delicious because it is full flavored and consistent in texture, it also supports a healthier lifestyle as it contains the right balance of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids as well as linoleic acid (CLA). This high-quality meat comes from our cattle’s 100% grass nutrition from start to finish.

What is the 4X Brand

The 4X brand came about from our farm name - 410 Farms - which is a creative combo of 4 and the roman numeral for 10, which is X. 410 Farms got its name because we are located on County Road 410 on 4th generation family farm and ranch land. 


Located in South Texas in the small farming and ranching community of El Campo, TX.

The ranch is situated on hundreds of acres of historically family owned land that is now proudly managed for the Green Acres Grassfed Beef Operation by Ben and Jessica Rumbaugh. 

As fourth generation cattle ranchers and land owners, the industry is deeply rooted in our blood and we have a deep love and passion for raising cattle. When we set out to do it on our own, we researched and educated ourselves to make sure we did it the right way -- the healthy way and the responsible way for both our customers and our cattle.  


The top objective of Green Acres Grass Fed Cattle Co is to provide a fantastic eating experience of healthy and delicious South Texas Grass Fed Angus Beef sourced from from animals raised on free-range pastures, without antibiotics, without added hormones, and without added animal by products, or grain.

We take great pride in being stewards of the land to keep our pastures as healthy and sustainable as possible. To accomplish this, we practice a rotational grazing program that allows our grass to have time to rest and regenerate and in turn provide our cattle with the best possible natural source of nutrition as nature intended.

A unique aspect of our program is that all of our herd are from Angus influenced bloodlines, which is known industry wide as a higher quality cut of beef. All of our cattle live free range in our pastures and have lived their entire lives on our family ranch. This stress free lifestyle helps to ensure they are relaxed and healthy. All of this in turn helps to ensure you are getting juicy and flavorful high quality beef.