Delivery Policies

Delivery Policies

Yes! We deliver! We're proud to provide delivery service from our pasture to your porch within the general range of Houston and Austin.

We can discuss delivery rates outside of the Houston/Austin areas depending on the size of your order. If you combine your order with friends, family, or coworkers that are in the same general area, you can qualify for the cheaper rates - just let us know that you'll be doing that so we can give you a discount code or just place a single order that meets the desired delivery amount.



We will also coordinate by appointment to meet you to pick up your order near El Campo, TX.



Before delivery of your order we will confirm accuracy based on your invoice and will inspect all product for quality. Upon delivery of the order, once the order has left our possession, it becomes your responsibility to maintain proper refrigeration or freezer temperatures to ensure the viability of the product. Just like the grocery store - once it's in your home or possession, you're responsible for it and we will not provide any refunds.

Contact us with more questions:

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