Shipping | Delivery Policies

Delivery Policies

Yes! We deliver! We're proud to provide service from our pasture to your porch. Our primary delivery areas are Texas and Louisiana with the cheapest rates for the Houston area. Orders over certain subtotals or pounds have greatly discounted or even FREE delivery.

If you combine your order with friends, family, or coworkers that are in the same general area, you can qualify for the cheaper rates - just let us know that you'll be doing that so we can give you a discount code or just place a single order that meets the desired delivery amount.

We also have "delivery days" to different areas that offer either free or discounted shipping, keep an eye on our social media accounts for announcements of the free days or message us or email at to find out about a specific area.


HOUSTON - 0-45 lbs                                               $20 Delivery Fee

HOUSTON - 45+ lbs                                                FREE Delivery Fee

HOUSTON - $225+ Order                                        FREE Delivery Fee

AUSTIN & SAN ANTONIO AREA - 0-100 lbs           $60 Delivery Fee

AUSTIN & SAN ANTONIO AREA - 100-200 lbs       $45 Delivery Fee

AUSTIN & SAN ANTONIO AREA - 200-400 lbs       $25 Delivery Fee

AUSTIN & SAN ANTONIO AREA - 400+ lbs             FREE Delivery Fee

AUSTIN & SAN ANTONIO AREA - $800+ Order       FREE Delivery Fee

DALLAS/FORT WORTH AREA - 0-100 lbs                $75 Delivery Fee

DALLAS/FORT WORTH AREA 100-200 lbs              $50 Delivery Fee

DALLAS/FORT WORTH AREA 200-400 lbs              $35 Delivery Fee

DALLAS/FORT WORTH AREA 400+ lbs                   FREE Delivery Fee

DALLAS/FORT WORTH AREA $1000+ Order           FREE Delivery Fee


Before delivery of your order we will confirm accuracy based on your invoice and will inspect all product for quality. Upon delivery of the order, once the order has left our possession, it becomes your responsibility to maintain proper refrigeration or freezer temperatures to ensure the viability of the product. Just like the grocery store - once it's in your home or possession, you're responsible for it and we will not provide any refunds.

Shipping Policies 

Yes! We also ship! We now offer flat rate shipping boxes for our customers nationwide in the lower 48 of the United States. We now offer a flat rate 4XBEEFBOX with shipping that varies based on location. If you'd like to order more specific items for shipping, if you order is between 10 and 14 lbs, you'll be able to see your shipping costs and options at checkout.

Please contact us directly to get shipping quotes and we'll get you set up with your order!

If you have a more unique order in size either being substantially larger or smaller than our standard 10-14 lbs, feel free to give us a call or send us a message or email at with what you'd like to order and what city it would ship to and we will get you a quote for shipping costs.

Our products are shipped frozen, 2nd day air, in insulated styrofoam coolers that are packed in dry ice to ensure freshness. We will have insurance on the shipment with the carrier in the event of a delay, but if there is an issue with your order when it arrives, we will require that we are notified with photographic evidence and documentation of your concern within 3 hours of the shipment's arrival in order for a complaint to be documented. We strive for the best in customer service and want you to be happy with your order from us, but please know that we maintain the right to refuse a refund to anyone we feel is acting fraudulently with regard to a claim against product quality or condition upon arrival. 

Contact us with more questions:

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